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Chubut River Lower Valley excursion

(Rawson – Trelew – Gaiman)

Half-day excursion. Sett off in the morning and travel to Rawson to know the capital city of Chubut province. Next, head for Trelew to arrive at your following destination: the Egidio Feruglio museum (MEF), a museum devoted to paleontology. Go on your trip through a farming area towards Gaiman, a village that keeps the cultural heritage alive of the Welsh settlement. The one which then originated the later population in this region. There, you can taste a traditional and delicious Welsh tea and visit some of the old chapels. Your trip then concludes with the drive back to Puerto Madryn.

All year round.

5 hours approx.

Morning or afternoon trip.

What to visit?
Rawson. Trelew (MEF) Gaiman and Chubut River Lower Valley.

What to watch?
Egidio Feruglio museum (paleontology). Welsh culture.

Distances to go
230 km approx. from Puerto Madryn (paved road).

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