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Cerro Avanzado

With minitrekking and interpretation of marine fossils.

This is a short expedition for those travellers who wish to have fun and understand the natural habitat around them. You will be led by tour guides who will help you understand the native flora and fauna. The off-road vehicles will allow us to drive through unspoilt trails.
At the end of the expedition take a short trek to watch marine fossiles and learn about the different sea ingressions that covered a great part of Patagonia millions of years ago. Finally, we drive back to Puerto Madryn.

All year round.

3 hs approx.

Morning or afternoon excursions.

What to visit?
Beaches near Puerto Madryn. Cerro Avanzado (a hill in the water front).

What to watch?
Native flora and fauna. Marine fossils.

Distances to go
Departure from Puerto Madryn. Low difficulty level. Distance: 50km.

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