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Whales in Valdés excursion

Half-day excursion. Begin your trip in the mid-morning to visit the interpretation centre which helps get a better understanding of what you will see during the excursion. Next, continue your way towards Puerto Piramides, where you will board to go whale watching and see the Southern Right Whale. This crossing, which lasts 1.30 hs, will enable you to watch these huge cetaceans in their natural habitat. Afterwards, have some time to have lunch.
From June to October, if appropriate according to tide levels, stop by El Doradillo on your way back: a beach area near Puerto Madryn where you can watch the Southern Right whales at a really close distance from the coast. Your excursion then concludes with the drive back to Puerto Madryn.

From June 15th to December 15th.


Departure from Puerto Madryn at 10.00 a.m. Return at 4.30 p.m. approx.

What to visit?
Interpretation centre. Puerto Pirámides. El Doradillo (from June to October only when appropriate according to tide).

What to watch?
Southern Right whale. Land fauna (guanacos, lesser rheas, patagonian cavies, crested elegant tinamous, etc.). Birds.

Distances to go
200 km approx. from Puerto Madryn.