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Punta Tombo Shore Excursion

We depart from the pier in town towards the Protected Area of Punta Tombo. The largest Penguin Colony in the continent. The transportation takes approximately 2,5 hours to go. We will be delight in the middle of a crowd of this birds, which arrive every season to develop their breeding behavior. According to the time of your visit, could be possible to witness the gorgeous mating time, the incubation stage, and the devoted care that parents give to their cute babies. At any time is the chance to be amazed of the endure of this flightless birds, that walk long distances to reach the ocean in order to obtain their food. And the astonishing skills once swimming in the sea.

In the location, an Interpretation Center facilitates visitors to approach better to the understanding of the ecology of this lovely animals.

You will be surprised to observe an interesting variety of wildlife, as lesser rheas, guanacos, tinamous, maras, foxes

Tours are guided by professional naturalists guides, that speaks fluent English. They are locals which are involved with the nature and preservation of our environment.

At the end of the journey, we will be back to get in the Cruise in Puerto Madryn.


Fare per person
USD 100
Entrance fee NOT included.


What to visit?
Punta Tombo Natural Protected Area.


What to watch?
Magellanic Penguin. Terrestrial Wildlife. Birds.


Distances to go
400 km approx. from Puerto Madryn (360 km of paved road and 40 km of gravel road)

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