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Punta Tombo and Gaiman

Penguins in Tombo!

Full-day excursion. Set off early in the morning to visit this great rookery of Magellanic penguins. Our coast is the chosen place by Magellanic penguins to lay and incubate their eggs, as well as rear the chicks. Mid-November is the moment when we can see the first eggs hatch. Take a walk and see penguins at a really close distance. Also, watch different birds and native land fauna such as guanacos, lesser rheas, cavies and crested elegant tinamous. Continue your trip with a visit to Gaiman, a village that keeps the cultural heritage alive of the Welsh settlement. This is the one which originated the later population in this region. Taste a traditional and delicious Welsh tea in that village. Your excursion then concludes with the drive back to Puerto Madryn.

From September 15th to April 15th.


Departure from Puerto Madryn at 8.00 a.m. Return at 5.30 p.m. approx.

What to visit?
Protected Natural Area Punta Tombo and Gaiman (located in Chubut River Lower Valley).

What to watch?
Magellanic Penguins. Land fauna (guanacos, lesser rheas, patagonian hares, elegant crested tinamou, etc). Birds.

Distances to go
400 km approx. from Puerto Madryn (340km of paved route and 60 km of gravel road).